Semalt Shares Upcoming Content Writing Trends 

Writing is the heart of all contents on the Internet. As we enter a new year, we must consider new strategies and approaches to the SEO content writing habits across our clients' websites.  

This allows us to not only learn new trends but to evaluate our previous approach to web content writing and let go of outdated strategies. Here is a checklist of the new writing habits we will be adopting come the new year. It is our belief that this would help us serve you better and create more opportunities to rank better on SERP.

Content writing in the coming year

As a business, we would like you to head into the New Year with an open mind and the endless hope that this pandemic becomes a thing of the past and the economy bounces back to full speed. However, you must be prepared if the pandemic lingers to the New Year. Now there are many reasons why this would be bad for businesses, but in every problem, there is an opportunity.

A large majority of your competition would be contemplating whether or not to fold up, but we would like you to hold on for a moment. By the end of this article, we will show you how we can help your business not only survive but thrive through the pandemic.

One amazing way we would be doing this is by refining your business website's content by modifying it with the latest trends of SEO in mind. As a business hoping to harness the benefits of the Internet, you need content writers and SEO professionals that have experience with digital marketing. Well, to make it one word, you need Semalt.

Regardless of your present situation, one thing you mustn't do during this pandemic is to give up. At Semalt, we have seen clients who felt they didn't need professionals to try only to give up after a couple of weeks. As professionals, we have followed digital marketing practices for the last decade, especially in content writing. We can boldly say that on your own, the chances of survival are slim. Not impossible, but slim. And you do not want to face the difficult tides that have come with the coronavirus on your own. As professionals, we feel the heat so imagine how much pressure businesses without an expert are under. 

All through 2020, Semalt continuously revised its marketing and pricing strategies to cater to our clients' needs. We also set out time solely to put additional effort into studying content writing trends, which no doubt helped our clients succeed in SEO not only in 2020 but also in the years to come.  

We had to look at what worked for the brands of our diverse clients all through 2020, and then we developed a strategy that will help our content trend in 2021. The journey we embarked on helped shape a checklist for optimizing our client's website content using the latest trends in SEO.  

To show you how well we are prepared for the coming year, here are a few content writing trends practices that will promote brand authority for our small and medium scale clients and how we plan on strengthening the contents on your website throughout 2021.

2021 content writing trends

Building the right brand authority 

Form our speculations, 2021 will be a year that your brand authority will matter more than ever. For most SMBs, the focus will be on developing the name of the company itself. This will matter more than the human being or beings that run the company. THAT WILL BE A MISTAKE…

The more companies try to center a single person as the expert and authoritative figure that serves as the representative of a business, the better. Consumers are tired of having to deal with a company as an anonymous figure. They need someone to rely on. At Semalt, you have access to all our top executives. That is great because you know who is in charge of your website, and you can communicate with them, discuss with them, and tell them what you want. Our founder also is the central figure, which helps our clients trust our brand better. 

Founders and CEOs are the perfect fit for such positions. If you're in doubt, look at all the big companies today; there is always a name behind said companies. If we mention Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Howard Schultz, you almost immediately attach their respective companies to their names.

Smaller businesses are fortunate because you mustn't have one representative. Instead, you can have multiple voices that speak on behalf of the company. So do not get worked up trying to figure out who is the perfect image for your company. Since you have various staff and experts working for your company, you can ask each one to be the image of your company under their respective departments.  

Another method to build your brand awareness is with a PR approach. One way you can get the attention you need is through media outreach. We've discovered that this is a gold mine, especially for our clients who have a strong local base. By that, we are referring to restaurants, auto service centers, massage therapy, and more. You can exploit local online traditional news publications and getting the reporters to look into your business. Local reporters are very interested in breaking the next big company, so they follow both small and medium scale companies closely. 

Optimizing your web content 

Here we get into the nitty-gritty of how we can keep our business at the top of SERP. The first factor we consider is SERP. We begin with the title tags and meta description, and then we move to the actual content of the page.  

Our to-do list

Keyword research and optimization

We know that performing keyword research determines the foundation of any SEO strategy. Semalt has several articles that highlight not only the importance of keyword research but also how it can be performed. 

In the coming year, Keyword research will be more important than ever. Many new clients lack the skills to perform honest keyword research. If you fail to perform keyword research properly, you will fail to gain any momentum in search results.

Here are some ways we plan on researching our keywords in the coming year. 

Targeting 80% evergreen keywords and 20% trending keywords

We will take our time to understand the evergreen content needs of each of our clients, their market, and their audience. Our goal here is to create content that adds value to your website as well as solves the problems readers have. The purpose of our content is not just to serve you in the short term but linger long into the future. 

Create a buyer persona

We will be spending time building a buyer persona for our clients. we will use this persona in answering questions such as: 
  • What would visitors be searching for?
  • What keywords are attractive to your audience?
  • What type of CTA will your audience engage with?
  • What images will be most appealing?
Other ways we help your website stand out is by:
  • Keeping a safe number of keywords used on the website 
  • Monitoring the keyword performance 
  • Use related keywords wisely

Title tag optimization

Your title can be valued as eighty cents to your dollar. Title tags are one of the strongest signals for search engines to explain the content of the age. Our title tags are designed to satisfy and engage both human and SEO needs. For this reason, we always used the targeted keywords in our headlines. 

When building the right title tag, we:
  • Keep it short: our title tags are typically between 40-50 characters, although the standard is 50-60 characters. We figured, the safer, the better. 
  • Feature numbers: by having numbers on our title tags, we've discovered that they tend to get more traffic.
  • Using brackets and parentheses: using brackets or parenthesis can increase click-through rates by 38%.

Optimizing meta description

In 2021, we will be optimizing your meta description by: 
  • Keeping them short: especially when optimizing for mobile devices, we keep your metadata as short as possible.
  • We use your meta description for advertising: we use your meta description as a free way to advertise the content on your website.  
  • Using your target keywords in the meta description.

Header tag optimization

We use the header tags as subtopics that break up content texts and provides a structure to our content. All through this article, you will realize that we break down information into smaller chunks using H2, H3, and H4 tags. 
Most people like to scan when reading, and by using headers, you show them a summary of what each section discusses. Before anyone makes up their mind on whether they spend time reading your content, they will like to have a good idea of what is in it for them. 


Well, we can't give out all our secrets. These points, however, show that we have your best interest at heart, and we are ready to share the ways we can help your website. Contact our customer service team and find out more.

We look forward to getting in touch with you today.